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  • Ruby
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    ​I want you to know that for the past years that I have been doing agency work, Alex has been the best consultant I have ever had and what I like about you is that you always check up on me to see how my shift went and my journey. Thank you for being there for me.I would like to express that it is your caring attitude which has kept me in Eleventh Hour. I give my consent that my recommendation can be published​Thanks


    RGN , Eleventh Hour Group

  • Nadine M
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    ​Since joining eleventh hour in October of last year, I have nothing but praise for my consultant Aaliyah. The agency was very thorough and helpful in the joining process. Aaliyah was not only approachable and friendly but professional in her job. They have work that suits my availability. They have supported me in the decision of going full time agency. I have had work not only in my field of ITU but also other general areas, with support to build my confidence in other departments but remaining within my level comfort.

    Nadine M

    Nothing but praise , Eleventh Hour Group - RGN

  • Julie T
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    ​I value and recommend working with Aaliyah as a consultant. Our relationship is built on trust, honesty and integrity. I believe she genuinely has my best interest in mind and her support is invaluable to me. I am extremely satisfied with the care and service she delivers.​

    Julie T

    RGN , Eleventh Hour RGN